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Soil Amendments


Product Spotlight:


Quality Feed & Garden Co. has been helping Houston homeowners keep their lawns and gardens fresh and healthy for 84 years. Whether you need garden supplies, lawn care, fertilizers, flower and plant food, soil, mulch or pretty much anything else you can think of, you can count on Quality Feed & Garden.

One of our most popular brands of fertilizer is MicroLife. MicroLife is an all-organic, biologic fertilizer produced specifically for the Texas Gulf Coast area. MicroLife offers both granular and liquid fertilizers and Quality Feed Co. is proud to carry both products. We recommend MicroLife for garden and lawn health because of the many beneficial mircoogranisms, enzymes, protein-rich amino acides and plant stimulants in the mixture.

Organic Lawn Care Program Houston, Texas

MicroLife's granular fertilizer offerings include MicroLife Ultimate, MicroLife Azalea, Bown Patch, Humate Plus, Crabgrass Killer and MicroGo granular.

Learn more about MicrLife and their products offerings at Microlife and stop by Quality Feed & Garden to pick up a bag!

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Quality Feed & Garden Co. has a wide selection or lawn and garden products and supplies plus expert knowledge on garden, plant, flower and lawn care. If you're looking for fertilizer, soil, mulch, hay, soil amendments, plant foods and more, head over to Houston's Quality Feed & Garden.

Give us a call at 713-862-2323 or stop by the store - We look forward to seeing you!

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Factors to Consider Choosing an Amendment

There are at least four factors to consider in selecting a soil amendment:

- how long the amendment will last in the soil,
- soil texture,
- soil salinity and plant sensitivities to salts, and
- salt content and pH of the amendment.

Laboratory tests can determine the salt content, pH and organic matter of organic amendments. The quality of bulk organic amendments for large-scale landscape uses can then be determined.

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